Onslow County Reports Eighteen COVID-19 Deaths In The Past Week

Sep 16, 2021


The Onslow County Health Department reports that 18 residents have died from COVID-19 in the past week.  Eleven of those deaths were reported since Monday. According to a news release, seven of the individuals who died were under 65 years old and four were over 65 years old.  Since Monday, the County has averaged 259 cases per day. Onslow Health Director Kristen Richmond Hoover said in the release that Onslow has at least 14 open outbreaks and clusters of cases, including eight schools and two day-care facilities. More than 6,400 residents have recieved the COVID-19 vaccine since last Thursdady.  54.4% of Onslow County's population has had at least one dose. All three brands of the COVID-19 vaccine are currently offered on a walk-in basis at the Onslow County Health Department.