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Business Partnerships with Public Radio East

Public Radio East counts on the support of our business sponsors for nearly 30% of the funding that keeps us on the air. We show our appreciation for that support with sponsor credit messages on our broadcast networks and live streams here at PublicRadioEast.org, where we also offer digital display ads linked to the sponsor's web site. 


Image Building - Your business sponsorship of Public Radio East distinguishes your organization as one deeply committed to the Eastern Carolina community. P.R.E. listeners have a strong community orientation, and support the companies that support P.R.E.

Simplicity -  Your sponsorship message or display ad on our platforms is presented in a direct, just-the-facts way, because that's what our audience demands. Public radio listeners have left the shouting and bombast of commericial radio behind for a deeper experience. That means P.R.E. listeners really listen.

Active Listeners - They also get involved. Public radio listeners are leaders in their communities; decision-makers, activists... in short, truly concerned citizens.

Affordability -  We build sponsorships around each sponsor's budget, with flexible billing options and a host of packages--plus customized plans--to ensure your support dollars provide your business with a return on its investment in PRE many times over.

Quality Audience - In survey after survey since the earliest days of public radio, listeners have been found to be among the most affluent and best educated of the broader radio audience. Some distinguishing features of the public radio audience, compared with average U.S. adults, are:

46% more college graduates* 41% more listeners with median HHI of $50,000 or more* Twice the number of professionals and managers* 90% more likely to be active in local issues* • Source: NPR Audience and Corporate Research, August 2002.

Reach - P.R.E.'s News & Ideas network consistently places in the top six in morning drive, and in the top 10 in afternoon drive, in the Greenville/New Bern/Jacksonville market among all listeners (age 12+), according to Nielsen--and in the top 12 overall (all dayparts). Among adults 25+, our rankings are even better. Together with P.R.E. Classical, and via our live streams, Public Radio East reaches over 60,000 residents of Eastern North Carolina, from Goldsboro to Cape Lookout and Greenville to the Crystal Coast, every week.

Get your business sponsorship of P.R.E. started today! Contact us at underwriting@publicradioeast.org!