Tonya Mosley

On the second day of filming her new movie, Bruised, Halle Berry broke two of her ribs. It's the kind of injury that can take months to heal, but Berry feared that taking time off of an independent film — which she was both directing and starring in — would derail the entire production. So she kept her injury a secret, and spent days shooting without a stunt double.

"I knew I could puncture a lung, sure," she says. "But I took the gamble. Stopping never crossed my mind."

The world knows Will Smith as a musician, a comedian and blockbuster movie star — perhaps even the most bankable star in the world. But in his new memoir, called Will, Smith explores another identity, one that has fueled his unwavering work ethic: that of a coward.

Smith says that when he was 9, he stood by, watching helplessly as his father beat his mother. It was a moment that shaped his identity.

Editor's note: This interview includes a discussion of rape and sexual abuse

This weekend, you can see actor Wendell Pierce star in a new production that is streaming for free online. "The thing I love about the play is: not often do you see Black men just love each other and work through the difficulties of that love," Pierce says.

As COVID-19 deaths and illnesses mount, essential workers — who are denied the chance to work from home — are struggling to stay safe. And it's far from clear whether the federal government is doing enough to protect them, according to a former top federal workplace safety official.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration official, Deborah Berkowitz, said the Trump administration has neglected COVID-19 safety at meatpacking plants and many other workplaces.

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President Trump has been impeached for a second time. This time, the charge is inciting an insurrection.


Yvette Gentry will become the third police chief in the city of Louisville, Ky., since the police killing of Breonna Taylor in March.

After serving in the department for two decades — including time as a deputy police chief — Gentry retired in 2014. She will be the first Black woman to lead the department and will serve on an interim basis.