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Angèle, 'On s'habitue'

Coming in under the wire of l'automne de meuf triste (or "sad girl autumn," ushered in this year by a "Sad Girl Autumn Version" of a Taylor Swift song), Angèle's "On s'habitue" discusses difficulty and heartbreak that never goes away. "On s'habitue" is a coming-of-age narrative that's directed at young adults trying to understand themselves and their places in the world — and while the Belgian singer-songwriter sings in French, it's a universal sentiment that American listeners will appreciate.

On "On s'habitue," Angèle leans into the growing pains with acceptance. The music behind the lyrics barely changes, chugging along to a relatively upbeat rhythm so seamlessly the audience gets used to it, just as the lyrics suggest. But the caveat in the chorus gives the song the nuance it needs: "On s'habitue toujours à tous / sauf peut être à perdre ce qu'on aime" ("we get used to everything / except maybe to losing what we love"). Even when it feels like we are used to all the pains of life, we still need to afford ourselves the opportunity to hurt.

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Emma Grazado