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Cities Ease Curfew Time Amid Protests


Some cities across the nation are starting to ease curfew times amid the unrest and protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.


From Los Angeles to Fort Worth to Washington, D.C., many mayors are responding to the more peaceful demonstrations by keeping their cities open. Here's Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer on why he dropped his city's curfew.

GREG FISCHER: People are out there just exercising their First Amendment rights and really showing what it's all about to be an American. So to the folks that are getting at it peacefully, I say keep doing it. Keep doing it. Great job.

MCCAMMON: Protesters have been taking to the streets in Louisville over the past week for the deaths in their town of Breonna Taylor and David McAtee.

SHAPIRO: And while curfews are ending in some places, New York City and Philadelphia are still under an 8 p.m. curfew tonight.

MCCAMMON: New York Mayor Bill de Blasio heard from the crowd of demonstrators this afternoon at the George Floyd memorial in Brooklyn. They told him to go home.


UNIDENTIFIED GROUP: De Blasio, go home. De Blasio, go home. De Blasio, go home.

SHAPIRO: Mayor de Blasio says he is holding steady on the city's week-long curfew due to the ongoing unrest. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.