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NC Supreme Court rehears previously decided voting I.D., redistricting cases today

North Carolina Judicial Branch
The court comprised a 4-3 Democratic majority in December when it threw out a state Senate map and upheld a ruling declaring a voter ID law unconstitutional. The court flipped to a 5-2 Republican majority in January.

The new conservative majority on the North Carolina Supreme Court will re-hear cases today on redistricting and a voter I-D law. The court issued rulings in the case just four months ago.

Democrats had a majority of seats on the seven-member court in December. In a 4-3 decision, the justices struck down a 2018 law requiring people to show photo I-D when they vote. The court also invalidated a Congressional map drawn by Republicans in the state Senate.

Republicans now hold five seats on the court. They agreed to re-hear both cases, at the request of House Speaker Tim Moore and Senate President Pro-Tem Phil Berger.

The remaining Democratic justices say the decision goes against more than 200 years of legal precedent.

Associate Justice Anita Earls says nothing in the cases has changed, only the political composition of the court.