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Should daylight saving time be permanent? A proposed bill would do just that

Daylight saving time takes effect on Sunday. Some senators are pushing to make daylight saving time permanent.
Joe Raedle
Getty Images
Daylight saving time took effect yesterday. Some state legislators are pushing to make daylight saving time permanent.

New legislation in the North Carolina House calls for keeping daylight saving time in place year-round.

If you’re feeling groggy and sluggish this morning after “springing forward,” State Representative Jason Saine feels your pain. His legislation jumps into the national debate over the time change. So why did he pick the longer evening sunlight of daylight saving time?

“As much as anything my personal preference, I’m the one putting the bill forward, and that’s what I know my body likes. I’m probably with a majority of people out there,” Saine said.

He says it’s the most popular bill he’s ever filed. But North Carolina can’t make the change alone, and Saine says it’s about sending a message to Washington.

“This is one of those where it really does take an act of Congress to get it done,” he said.