Night-time Bayview-to-Aurora ferry runs to end in 2015

Dec 5, 2014

The state Ferry Division has announced a new route schedule for 2015. George Olsen has more.

The new schedule will eliminate night runs on the Pamlico River between Bayview and Aurora. A Department of Transportation press release described those  runs as “lightly traveled” and said the decision to eliminate them were made after consulting officials at PCS Phosphate. Ferry Division Director Ed Goodwin says eliminating the nighttime runs will save hundreds of thousands of dollars.  The Ferry Division will also move a winter Pamlico Sound departure from Cedar Island to Swan Quarter, meaning both ferry ports will have three daily round trips to Ocracoke. The summer ferry traffic to Ocracoke will remain the same, with six round-trips from Cedar Island and four from Swan Quarter. I’m George Olsen.