NC's Broadband Infrastructure Office Conducting Survey

Aug 19, 2021

Credit NCDIT Broadband Infrastructure Office

The N.C. Department of Information Technology’s Broadband Infrastructure Office is gathering information on locations across the state without adequate internet access and speeds.  The information collected from the survey informs research and policy recommendations. The data will also guide investment of funds through the state's Growing Rural Economies with Access to Technology Grant program.

North Carolina residents can complete the five minute survey available in both English and Spanish.  Users with internet service at their location can also take the optional speed test.  People without internet service can take the survey by phone at 919-750-0553.  Many North Carolinians still lack high-speed internet, especially in rural areas of the state.

On Monday, Gov. Roy Cooper declared Aug. 16-20 as Rural Broadband Week to highlight the urgent need to improve broadband access and adoption across North Carolina.  According to a news release from the Governor's press office,  33.5% of households in rural areas– a total of 43,000 households – do not have access to infrastructure for broadband speeds of 50/10 Mbps. Rural counties make up 18 of the 20 counties in which more than half of households lack access to 100/10 Mbps internet speeds, which is considered high speed.