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Greene County Animal Shelter Faces Closure

Several non-profits in Greene County are joining forces to save the local Animal Shelter

Earlier this month, the Greene County Animal Shelter announced it would experience a significant funding reduction of 13,000 dollars.  Several non-profits and volunteer groups such as Friends of Greene County Animal Shelter and Greene County Humane Society have offered to help collect supplies before the reduction takes effect on July 1st.  Lynn Graves is the President of Greene County Humane Society.

“They were in need of everything.  Food to feed the animals, kitty litter for the cat rooms, down to needing ink cartridges for the printer used at the shelter, to toilet paper and paper towels.”

Graves says donations have been steadily coming into the small, rural shelter-- which includes 21 dog runs and 19 cat cages, as well as 2 full-time staff members. 

If you would like more information on how to donate to the shelter, call the Greene County Humane Society at 252-746-4692.

Kelly Batchelor hails from the small crossroads community of Cabin in Duplin County in Eastern North Carolina. Since 1989 Kelly has been actively employed in radio.