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State elections board delays decision on RFK Jr., Cornel West ballot access

Joseph Prezioso
AFP via Getty Images

The North Carolina State Board of Elections met yesterday afternoon and voted unanimously to allow the Constitution Party to place its candidates on the ballot.

But the board took no action on two other, more prominent third-parties: We the People, whose preferred candidate is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Justice for All, whose presidential candidate is Cornel West. Staff said they’re still investigating petition signatures from ‘We the People’ and ‘Justice for All,’ and that some voters they’ve contacted said they didn’t realize what they were signing.

But Republican, who are outnumbered 3-2 on the board said they’re frustrated the parties can’t get recognition.

"This is not making a lot of sense to me. And I think the board is bringing, they're bringing a lot of bad publicity on the board. Your, your motives are starting to be questioned," Kevin Lewis, a Republican member said.

Democratic board member Siobhan O’Duffy Millen said the rhetoric has become overheated and personal, and that there are real questions about the signatures.

"Of the 22 people that were spoken to about their signatures on the justice for all, if 12 said they didn't recall knowing that it was a party. That's a pretty high proportion," O'Duffy Millen said.

The board said they’ll take action soon at a future meeting.