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NC poll shows majority of Americans fear AI will be used to influence the presidential election


A majority of Americans fear artificial intelligence will be used to influence this year's presidential election, according to a poll from North Carolina's Elon University.

Seventy-eight percent of Americans say AI-generated disinformation will affect the rematch between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Elon Poll Director Jason Husser says this recognition that AI poses a threat could make voters more sophisticated when it comes to vetting election information.

Or, Husser said, it could add to voters' mistrust of elections--and fatigue over a race between two candidates with high unfavorable ratings,"And they may say, 'Well, I don't know what's real, I don't like either of those guys, I'm just going to sit this one out.'"

According to the poll, 62 percent of respondents say they believe AI will be used to convince some voters not to turn out.