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After opposition, developer withdraws plans for hotel in downtown New Bern

City of New Bern - Facebook
City of New Bern
The Kessler Group had proposed building the hotel on a two-acre plot at Union Point Park before withdrawing their proposal

In a joint statement Tuesday, The Kessler Group and the City of New Bern announced that the group won’t be moving forward with a proposed hotel on a 2-acre portion of Union Point Park. According to the news release, they’ve received many concerns through texts, emails, and calls after last week’s Board of Alderman meeting in which the board considered a Memorandum of Understanding with the Kessler Group, which allows the two to work collaboratively on the prospective development.

The City of New Bern received a statement from the Kessler Group Tuesday, saying that they’ve decided to withdraw interest in potentially adding the hotel. The Kessler Group said that they saw Union Point Park as an opportunity to enhance a public asset, and sighted misinformation about the project as a reason the planning process was derailed.

Meredith Radford is a News Reporter for Public Radio East. She studied at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, receiving a degree in Journalism and Political Science. Born and raised in Eastern North Carolina, Meredith is excited to cover the area and contribute to the community. When not out reporting, she enjoys hiking, camping and kayaking as well as baking.