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Liam Kazar (Feat. Andrew Sa), 'No Time For Eternity'

The latest single from Liam Kazar relishes in life's ephemeral wonders while acknowledging their impermanence. It's a delicate balance, but one that the Chicago-to-Kansas City transplant strikes beautifully throughout his debut solo album, Due North. On "No Time For Eternity," a dulcet guitar melody imparts warmth and sweetness as a swelling pedal steel opens up a vulnerable world of possibility. Kazar's casual delivery of the refrain — in unison with country crooner Andrew Sa — coyly articulates this intersection of sentimentality and solemnity: "Dancing in the sunshine together / nothing else lasts forever." It's an earnest challenge to reach for bliss even in the midst of turmoil.

There's a reason Jeff Tweedy once hailed Kazar for "making something brand new sound like a cherished memory" — his sound is enduring and yet perfectly on time, offering the listener a glowing respite from an unsettling summer.

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Michelle Bacon