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Three children, two adults dead in apparent murder-suicide

File photo: Police car lights
(Photo: Robert Kuykendall on Flickr via Creative Commons)
File photo: Police car lights

High Point police are expected to release more information Monday about an apparent murder-suicide that left three children and two adults dead.

Police say the emergency calls began about 7 a.m. Saturday after two people ran screaming from a home in the Williams Grove subdivision near Oak Hollow Lake.

Once inside the home police found five victims, all of whom were residents. Police declined to name any of the dead or list the age range of the three children who died.

Capt. Matt Truitt, a spokesman for the department, said police have been to the home on Mossy Meadow Drive at least four times since 2014, and at least one of the incidents was a domestic dispute.

Truitt said one of the people who ran from the home was a resident, and the other a visitor. He said despite the trauma they experienced they were helpful in providing information so that police could determine there was no ongoing threat to the community.

Police released little information about the incident over the weekend but are expected to provide additional details today.

Paul Garber