What We're Watching In The Week Ahead

Jul 9, 2018

With Ben Brock Johnson

Top reporters open their notebooks share what they’re watching for in the week ahead.


Michael Warren, senior writer at The Weekly Standard. (@MichaelRWarren)

Michelle Kosinski, senior diplomatic correspondent for CNN. (@MichLKosinski)

Patricia Zengerle, covers Congress and foreign policy for Reuters. (@ReutersZengerle)

From The Reading List

The Washington Post: Rescue Operation For A Thai Soccer Team Trapped In A Cave To Begin Sunday  — “Four members of the team were rescued Sunday by divers who helped them navigate a treacherous path out of the cave. Ambulances raced through the streets of Mae Sai and helicopters circled overhead. The provincial governor said the four were checked out in a field hospital near the cave and then flown 37 miles south to a hospital in Chiang Rai, where an entire floor has been reserved for the rescue effort.”

The Weekly Standard: What Trump Doesn’t Understand About South Carolina And BMW — “Much of the coverage of the president’s victory nearly two years ago has focused on voters in the Rust Belt who have been left behind by globalization and turned to Trump (as they had to Obama in 2008) for change. But South Carolina, where Trump got nearly 55 percent of the vote, has a population that has been undoubtedly buoyed by the forces of trade and a globalized economy.”

The Atlantic: America and North Korea Are Having Two Different Conversations — “Maybe one country’s “productive conversations” are another’s “very regrettable” ones, and Pompeo seemed to suggest as much on Sunday when he remarked that “people are going to make certain comments after meetings.” By the same token, though, it’s notable that the two parties have such fundamentally different reads on reality. Even leaving aside the history of North Korean deception and dissembling on the nuclear issue, that alone shows that North Korean promises do not mean what Trump seems to think they mean.”

Even as Mondays go, today is a doozy. Over the weekend, widely differing takeaways from a U.S. North Korea summit suggesting denuclearization might get lost in translation. And on the horizon this week? A Supreme Court nominee. Squabbles over NATO military spending. The Trump-Putin summit. And the economic impact of a trade war that has officially kicked off. This hour, On Point: top reporters and you look at the week ahead. — Ben Brock Johnson.

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