Town of Beaufort lifts indoor mask mandate as Carteret County COVID-19 cases persist

Oct 12, 2021

The Town of Beaufort’s board of commissioners voted unanimously to repeal their indoor mask mandate within town limits, effective immediately, at their meeting Monday. PRE’s Meredith Radford has more.

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Commissioner Marianna Hollinshed said at the board meeting that masking is irregular among people in the town, and that she’s tired of picking up masks off the street.   

“I think masking is very effective, and those who choose to use a mask, will. But those who don’t, they’re not doing it anyway and I think it’s causing some issues with other businesses and things.”  

This change comes as Carteret County has reported six additional COVID-19 deaths in the last five days. The county’s positive test rate on Tuesday was above the state’s rate, at 8.5%.   

In Beaufort, masks will still be required in government facilities.  

For Public Radio East, I’m Meredith Radford.