Feb 15, 2020
Originally published on February 15, 2020 3:21 pm
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Now, panel, what will be the next big lifestyle brand? Alonzo Bodden.

ALONZO BODDEN: Amazon is going with, go ahead - stay on the couch.


SAGAL: Helen Hong.

HELEN HONG: United Airlines. We will drag you out of bed by your hair.


SAGAL: And Tom Papa.

TOM PAPA: Greyhound bus retirement homes because every ride takes a lifetime.


BILL KURTIS: Well, if we see any of those lifestyle brands, we'll ask you about it here on WAIT WAIT... DON'T TELL ME.

SAGAL: Thank you, Bill Kurtis. Thanks also to Helen Hong, Tom Papa, Alonzo Bodden. Thanks to all of you for listening. You're the best. I'm Peter Sagal. We'll see you next week.


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