New Bern Resurfaces Roads Across City

Jul 31, 2015

The City of New Bern has begun resurfacing roads across town. Lee Jenkins has more.

The city plans to resurface 14 roads over the course of the next 120 days. Currently, construction crews are working on Trent Road, 2nd Avenue, 3rd Street, and 5th street. After that crews will begin working in the Pembroke subdivision and the Sunnyside neighborhood. Crews will finish by resurfacing the road to Derby Park and parts of Elizabeth Avenue. Director of Public Works Matt Montaigne says the city will try to make the process as painless for commuters as possible.

“There are times that it will be reduced down to a single lane and there is a potential that, from time to time, that it could be temporarily closed completely. If someone is travelling this area we say use caution and allow a few extra minutes to reach their destination.”

The city will also resurface parts of Pollock Street, Fort Totten Drive, and 9th Street. The city estimates the project will cost around 600,000 dollars. Construction crews are expected to complete the project well-within the allotted 120 days, though inclement weather may cause delays. I’m Lee Jenkins.