Lung injuries associated with vaping rise in NC

Oct 30, 2019

Credit Duke Health

The numbers of state residents with severe lung injury associated with e-cigarette use continues to rise. A press release from the state Department of Health and Human Services says there are now 61 cases of people with severe lung injury. Ages of the cases range from 13 to 72. It’s part of a problem occurring across the nation, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting 1604 cases and 34 deaths in the United States and the U-S Virgin Islands as of October 22. Most of those with lung injury report vaping THC infused product. That’s also true in North Carolina with 80 percent of state cases involving vaping THC. DHHS reports vaping is rapidly rising among youth. A 2017 survey said while tobacco cigarette use was at its lowest there was an 894% rise in e-cigarette use among youth since 2011.