Campgrounds In Croatan National Forest Remain Closed

Jan 17, 2018

Two campgrounds in the Croatan National Forest remain closed due to significant damages from the winter storm earlier this month.  Jared Brumbaugh has more. 

Cedar Point Campground near Cape Carteret and Flanner’s Beach Campground just south of New Bern could remain closed for the remainder of the month. Temperatures in the single digits caused multiple pipe breaks inside the walls of sanitary facilities, the porcelain to crack on toilets and damage to showers.  Recreations Program Manager for the Croatan National Forest Jeff Kincaid.

“With this freak winter weather we had recently, the plumbers, we haven’t been able to have a local plumber get out and even assess the situations yet.  One plumber told me I was number 35 on his list.”

Kincaid says the target date for reopening the campgrounds is February 1st.  Day use facilities and trails are still open at Cedar Point and Flanner’s Beach.  Oyster Point Campground in Newport is open for camping.