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Owner of former Greensboro treatment center convicted of defrauding state Medicaid program


A federal jury has convicted the owner of a former Greensboro mental health and drug treatment center of medical fraud charges. Donald Booker was part of an $11 million scheme that targeted people at risk of becoming homeless.

Booker owned United Youth Care Services as well as a lab for testing urine samples. The center offered housing to the homeless in exchange for substance abuse treatment, serving up to 200 patients at a time.

Delores Jordan, a co-defendant, worked as a housing provider and managed some of the center’s properties.

Federal authorities say some housing-vulnerable and Medicaid-eligible clients were required to give urine samples to participate in the programs. The specimens were then provided to Booker’s entities for testing that was medically unnecessary.

Earlier this month, the jury convicted Booker of crimes including conspiracy to commit medical fraud and violations of an anti-kickback statute. Jordan pleaded guilty to charges of medical fraud conspiracy and money laundering. Neither have been sentenced.

State health officials suspended admissions to United Youth Care Services in 2019 after conditions were found to be detrimental to the health and safety of clients. The license was revoked in 2020.

Paul Garber