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Tonstartssbandht, 'What Has Happened'

Where do you go when you're 18 albums into your career? For the Orlando duo Tonstartssbandht, playing show after show reveals the answer. Onstage, brothers Andy and Edwin White ask new questions nightly, pulling clues from the great improv-based traditions of jazz, blues and psychedelic rock. Songs and styles melt into one another. The brothers can sound as if they're constantly attempting to collapse space and time into their own version of music history.

So maybe it's surprising that, after so long without any shows, Tonstartssbandht would return with something new to say. "What Has Happened" blends yearning harmonies with the kind of shimmering guitar explored by sonic searchers like The Durutti Column and Manuel Göttsching. The ingredients are strengthened by their friction: The rock influences transcend their usual station, while the electronic pulse breathes beyond the grid. Tonstartssbandht sounds like it's discovering folk music beamed in from another galaxy — and ready to follow wherever it leads.

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