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Moon Man, 'Vacuum'

This #NowPlaying discovery comes to us from this year's Tiny Desk Contest and NPR Member station WFAE.

If the past year has made you space out a bit, you're not alone. For Charlotte N.C.-based multi-instrumentalist and social activist Phillip Gripper, 2020 was a time to take those pent-up feelings of uncertainty and insecurity and make them positively interstellar — with the help of his musical alter ego, Moon Man. Performing as if he were the atmospheric house DJ for Adult Swim, in his 2021 Tiny Desk Contest entry, Gripper sways in the dark abyss as he chops and arranges trippy space beats provided by San Antonio composer Lorenzo Perez (aka Lo_End_Frequencies). Without any lyrics, "Vacuum" acts as a reminder that, even in difficult times, you can find joy by vibing with the unknown.

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Previously guest host of Mountain Stage, Joni Deutsch is the manager of podcasts at WFAE (Charlotte's NPR News Source) and the host of the award-winning Amplifier music podcast. Listen here.