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Said Out Loud - NPR Hosts
Said Out Loud - NPR Hosts

Gene Demby. Yowei Shaw. Sarah Gonzalez. You might know their names and hear their voices all the time. They make topics we want to know about more interesting. Take us along for stories they're investigating. And have conversations with cultural figures we only wish we could meet. But their own opinions and free-range thoughts often take a back seat to those of their guests and the stories they're telling. They themselves are rarely the center of attention.

We're here to change that.

Introducing Said Out Loud, a new video series where we give NPR podcast hosts a chance to say what's on their minds. Where they're the guest for a change, and the only censor is their own filter.

In each video, a different host answers a simple prompt of their choice to give us a glimpse into what makes them, them. So you can hear Anjuli Sastry tell, and show, us her current obsession. Or Shereen Marisol Meraji's sage advice to budding journalists of color. Or Sam Sanders' picks for all-time dream guests, both living and dead.

Each video is like a mini-statement, on record and said out loud for all to hear.

Get to know a different side of your favorite NPR personalities. And be on the lookout for new host videos as we continue adding them in the coming months!

Said Out Loud is created and produced by Sergio Romano and Wanyu Zhang. Video editing by David Wimberly. Design by Luke Medina. Blog formatting by Alison Hofer and the NPR Digital Support team. Special thanks to Sommer Hill for helping us format the videos, package them, and put them out in the world. And Kristin Hume, for supporting our vision along the way.

More to come soon!

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