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Download Quirky Greatness From Alt-J


I haven't been able to stop listening to Alt-J since I saw the group in concert last week. Its sound is understated. The band's lead singer has a quirky affect you may love - or not - but the songs are smart, filled with pop culture, film and literary references, from Maurice Sendak to the movie Last Exit to Brooklyn.

Alt-J's name is a bit oblique as well. It's the key command on a Mac computer that you use to type a Delta or triangle shape. Behind all this are nice harmonies and a drummer with a sense for clicky tones and bouncy beats. It's a sound completely the band's own.

For those already in love with Alt-J's record An Awesome Wave, we have a "Alt" version of the song "Something Good" for you to download.

For those who haven't heard a single note of the band's debut album, the original version of this song is every bit as contagious and loveable.

Alt-J has also just released a video for the album version of "Something Good."

Prepare to be obsessed. It may creep up on you.

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