Hurricane Florence


State and federal funding was recently approved to help the City of New Bern acquire several homes in flood-prone areas. PRE’s Meredith Radford has more.




Tim Pike, Jones County Emergency Management

Hurricane Florence wreaked havoc on Eastern North Carolina three years ago this week. The devastation in small rural areas like Jones County is difficult to forget. PRE’s Meredith Radford reports on the progress that’s been made in recovery and ways county officials hope to mitigate future devastation is still recovering, and that their emergency management team learned some important lessons from the storm. 

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It’s been three years since Hurricane Florence caused catastrophic damage in Eastern North Carolina.  Communities across the region are in various stages of recovery.  Most businesses that were damaged have reopened, homes in flood-prone areas are in the process of being elevated, and many residents have made some progress restoring their homes and getting their lives back to normal.  But in areas that were hit hard by the 2018 storm, like Craven County, the work is far from over.  PRE’s Jared Brumbaugh has more on the ongoing recovery efforts, which are happening in mostly rural and underserved areas of the county.


Sept. 13 is the anniversary of Hurricane Florence steamrolling thru eastern North Carolina. Three years after the storm, some communities are still recovering. Florence resulted in at least 40 fatalities — and caused an estimated $17 billion in damages across the state. Almost 40% of North Carolinians live in one of the counties designated by FEMA for federal disaster assistance following the storm. PRE’s Meredith Radford spoke with Brian Haines, the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s communications officer for their emergency management division about the ongoing recovery in our area. 

Carteret Community College

Community college leaders plan to request additional funding to compensate tuition losses from enrollment declines due to Hurricane Florence in next fiscal year's state budget.  

N.C. Department of Agriculture - Facebook

North Carolina Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler has requested $250 million from the General Assembly to provide disaster assistance to farmers affected by the storm.  However, it's estimated that Hurricane Florence caused $1.1 billion in crop damage and livestock losses across North Carolina.

N.C. Department of Agriculture - Facebook

North Carolina farmers whose crops and livestock were affected by Hurricane Florence can now apply for assistance.

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Recovering from Hurricane Florence goes beyond the physical damages to homes and businesses.  The emotional and psychological trauma from storm continues to have long lasting effects on some residents in Eastern North Carolina. 

Liz Roll/FEMA

So far, FEMA has provided more than $100 million dollars in housing assistance to individuals in Eastern North Carolina displaced by Hurricane Florence.  Housing assistance includes lodging expense reimbursement, transitional sheltering assistance for people staying in hotels and direct temporary housing in a travel trailer or manufactured housing unit. Last week, FEMA began providing temporary housing units to 10 counties in Eastern North Carolina.  

Storm-Damaged Onslow County Schools Set Reopen Dates

Oct 17, 2018
Onslow County Schools

Public schools in Onslow County will begin reopening for students next week after remaining closed for more than a month as crews cleaned and repaired the storm-damaged buildings.

A message from Ben Donnelly, General Manager PRE:

Public Radio East is eligible for relief funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

This is where you come in.

Pamlico County Schools

Classes have resumed for all Pamlico County students, but not every school in the district is open.

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People in areas that were hit hard by Hurricane Florence can apply for help buying food through the state’s Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.  

Town of Emerald Isle Facebook

UPDATE Sept. 28, 2018- State officials say bateria levels at most ocean swimming sites in Carteret, Pender and Onslow counties meet state and Environmental Protection Agency standards for swimming and other contact with water.  A press release from the North Carolian Division of Marine Fisheries said an advisory remains in effect for the public beach access just west of the junction of Coast Guard Road and Inlet Drive in Emerald Isle and for sound-side waters.

Jones County Schools Canceled Due To Flooding

Sep 26, 2018
Valerie Crowder

School district leaders in Jones County are working to decide where to place about 400 students at Jones Middle School and Trenton Elementary School after both buildings were damaged in historic flooding from Hurricane Florence. 

Jared Brumbaugh

Carteret County was hit hard by Florence.  Hurricane force winds knocked down power lines, toppled trees over on houses and blew the roofs and awnings off buildings.  Now, nearly a week after the storm, thousands of residents are still without power.  

PRE Fund Drive Postponed

Sep 20, 2018
Ben Donnelly

Due to the effects of Hurricane Florence, Public Radio East has postponed our fall fund drive which was scheduled to run from September 20th through the 28th. 

We have put considerable resources toward continuing to broadcast through the storm and its aftermath. The PRE studios and the WTEB transmitter in New Bern are connected to a generator which provided electricity for us to transmit and report even when most of the region was without power.  A small dedicated team kept things running under difficult circumstances.