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Greenville's Mr. Beast becomes most popular YouTuber this week

MrBeast at the Kids' Choice Awards.
Steve Granitz
FilmMagic / Getty Images
MrBeast at the Kids' Choice Awards.

The YouTube star known as Mr. Beast now has the most subscribers on the video-sharing platform. Mr. Beast is the stage name for 26-year-old Jimmy Donaldson of Greenville.

His first viral success came in 2017 when he recorded himself counting to 100,000, a feat that took over 40 hours. Now his videos are more elaborate, often featuring extravagant sets and large prize giveaways.

His latest stunt included paying two people $10,000 each day they survived in the woods.

Over the weekend Donaldson’s account surpassed the Indian music label T-series to claim the top spot. T-series uploads music videos and trailers, and it held the record for more than five years. On Saturday, Mr. Beast's subscribers rose by 2 million — the final push to eclipse T-series's 266 million subscribers.

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