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New Bern to launch new program to help find missing persons

Courtesy Project Lifesaver International

The City of New Bern is launching a new program to more quickly respond to missing persons out in extreme weather.

The National Organization “Project Lifesaver” is partnering with city agencies to help people who are at risk of wandering away, like those with Alzheimer’s or dementia and children with severe autism.

As part of the program, caregivers may elect to have a bracelet put on their loved one. First responders would then be able to “ping the bracelet,” and the sound would grow louder as they as they get closer.

Ryan is an Arkansas native and podcast junkie. He was first introduced to public radio during an internship with his hometown NPR station, KUAF. Ryan is a graduate of Tufts University in Somerville, Mass., where he studied political science and led the Tufts Daily, the nation’s smallest independent daily college newspaper. In his spare time, Ryan likes to embroider, attend musicals, and spend time with his fiancée.