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NC Supreme Court revisits gerrymandering case, likely to overturn past rulings

NC Judicial Branch
The state's supreme court seems poised to overturn a previously ruling that found Republican-drawn state legislative maps were gerrymandered.

A redistricting case ruled on last year got another hearing yesterday before a re-constituted North Carolina Supreme Court.

In February 2022, when Democrats held a 4-3 majority the court ruled that maps drawn by the Republican-controlled General Assembly were unconstitutionally gerrymandered.

The court ordered new maps for state legislative and U-S House districts. Now that Republicans hold a 5-2 majority on the court-- G-O-P lawmakers want last year's ruling and remedial maps overturned.

Phil Strach, the attorney representing the GOP lawmakers,
argued the state constitution provides no standard for measuring partisan gerrymandering, so the court had no authority to overturn their maps.

"Just because it's not fair doesn't mean that this body, or any body, any political body, has the authority to deal with that question," he said.

Opposing lawyers argue the state’s Constitution provides for free and fair elections—and that statistical evidence in last year's case shows Republicans violated that principle.

Attorney Lali Madduri representing parties who fought the maps argued the state constitution doesn't guarantee proportionality but does require equal voting power for voters.

"That means the opportunity to translate their votes into seats," Madduri said.