Study finds potential carcinogens in vaping and smokeless tobacco products

Sep 16, 2019

Credit Duke Health

A Duke Health study indicates a potential carcinogen is present in high levels in some e-cigarette and smokeless tobacco products. The study indicates that pulegone is contained in menthol and mint flavored e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products. Pulegone was banned last year by the U-S Food and Drug Administration as a food additive because of its carcinogenic properties. The agency, however, does not regulate the chemical’s presence in e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. The Duke Health study suggests users of these products are exposed to pulegone levels higher than the FDA considers acceptable for intake in food, according to Sven-Eric Jordt , lead author of the study. Jordt notes the tobacco industry has been aware of the dangers of pulegone and has tried to minimize its levels in menthol cigarettes. The study was published in JAMA Internal Medicine this week.