State drivers enjoying lowest seasonal gas prices in 12 years

Jul 21, 2016

INTRO ā€“ North Carolinians are enjoying the lowest July gas prices in 12 years. George Olsen has more.

AAA Carolinas reports the average price of a gallon of regular is $2.05, down from $2.21 a month ago and 55 cents lower than a year ago. A press release from the Charlotte-based motor club says those are the lowest seasonal prices in 12 years. AAA is predicting prices to stay relatively low throughout the summer as U-S crude supplies are 13 percent higher than a year ago and gasoline stocks stand at 240 million barrels, the highest ever mark for gas supplies in the month of July. That prediction could be disrupted by a variety of factors including the Atlantic hurricane season picking up or geopolitical tensions overseas. Iā€™m George Olsen.