Sixteen ENC Counties Recieve State Funds For Electronics Recycling Programs

Feb 27, 2018

The State has awarded $700,000 to more than 70 counties and city governments to support local management programs that help residents recycle televisions and computers. 

Sixteen counties in the eastern part of the state received funding from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Waste Management for electronic recycling programs.  Among those, Johnston and Onslow counties received the most funding- around $15,000 each. The state’s Electronics Management Program, created through legislation in 2010, helps keep toxic materials like mercury and lead out of landfills by directing manufacturers, retailers, consumers and local governments to collaborate for responsible recycling of televisions and computers.  It also requires electronic equipment makers in North Carolina to offer a “take back” program and pay an annual registration fee to support electronics recycling programs in communities throughout the state.  Since its inception, more than 250 million pounds of electronics have been diverted from landfills.  For a list of electronic collection sites near you, go to: