SBI destroys 7 tons of unwanted prescription drugs

May 5, 2017

The latest statewide Operation Medicine Drop campaign resulted in the incineration on Wednesday of over seven tons of prescription pills. George Olsen has more.

Citizens were encouraged to dispose of unwanted and expired medications at local law enforcement offices. Those offices then took the collected medicines to the eight field offices of the State Bureau of Investigation. The field offices in turn took the collected medications… totaling approximately 7.7 million dosage units weighing 15,442 pounds… to the SBI’s Diversion and Environmental Crime Unit in Raleigh and then finally to an EPA-approved incinerator in Alamance County to be destroyed. SBI director Bob Schurmeier says getting unwanted medications out of residences keeps them out of reach of children and removes temptation from adults to use the medication and start down the path to addiction. I’m George Olsen.