Recently identified Korean War casualty to be interred in New Bern

Jun 26, 2019

A veteran of the Korean War will be laid to rest in New Bern after his remains were identified last year. Army Corporal Stephen P. Nemec of Cleveland, Ohio was killed in action during heavy fighting on November 2, 1950 near Unsan, North Korea. He was buried at a United Nations cemetery in Pyongyang but as conditions worsened in North Korea those buried there could not be recovered. Following the war more than 4000 sets of remains were turned over to the UN, none of which could be associated with Cpl. Nemec. Last year an unidentified set of remains interred in Hawaii underwent further testing and were identified as Cpl. Nemec, whose last remaining relative resides in Havelock. His body will be flown into Raleigh Friday and then transported to New Bern. Visitation will take place Monday evening, preceded by the posthumous awarding to Cpl. Nemec of the Purple Heart. A funeral service takes place Tuesday morning at 10:00 am at Cotton Funeral Home. Burial will take place at the New Bern National Cemetery.