PRE Must Raise More Than $100,000 By June 30

May 30, 2018

Many of you have discussed with us ways in which you can assist Public Radio East in reaching the magic mark of zero deficit at the end of the fiscal year.  We are grateful to each donor who has come forward with additional gifts and new memberships.  We are also grateful for the many corporate sponsors who have asked how they could help this month.  You can listen to our countdown information each day as we close down the year.

You have heard this on the air, read it in our letters and seen on our website; the past twelve months have been tough.  We spent over $80,000 replacing equipment that had outlasted our most optimistic dreams.  And we are still operating with equipment purchased the day we began broadcasting in 1984.  We have patched, and taped and rewired.  It’s obviously going to be important for PRE to launch a campaign in the future to update our broadcast technology.

We are conducting a countdown for the remainder of the month in order to let you know exactly what is left to raise in our $100,000 goal.  Click here to make a donation now!

Thank you for being a part of Public Radio East.

Kathy Beal