Plans For New Bern's Largest Park Move Forward

Mar 12, 2018

Credit City of New Bern

The City of New Bern is gathering public input on the proposed Master Plan for Martin Marietta Park.  

The 880 acres of donated land, along South Glenburnie Road, was acquired by the city last September.  A public input meeting was held in January for folks to share ideas on what types of amenities and programs to include the park’s Master Plan. Ronald Sage, a New Bern resident of 20 years is most excited about the possibility of an outdoor amphitheater.

“Now Walnut Creek is good, not a problem there.  Charlotte not’s bad either.  But if I can come to my own backyard and watch a concert and then get done and stroll around the lake and watch the stars, nobody else is going to have that, nobody else.”

Other amenities include kayaking, camping, education programs, a dog park and nature trails. Sixteen year old Ben Gaiti is hoping an adventure course and climbing wall is part of the Master Plan.

“They took down the bowling alley and that was one of the things we could actually do here besides the mall.  Now, if we could get this big giant park that would be cool.”

At the meeting this evening, Director of Parks and Recreation Foster Hughes says the results from the previous public input meeting as well as the recent Recreation Needs Survey will be discussed. 

“They’ll be able to see an overview of how the park would actually be.  They’ll see examples of park amenities, how long trails will be, they’ll see examples of fishing piers and playgrounds and what the amphitheater could possibly look like as well as all the other amenities that could be included in this park.”

The meeting will be held at the West New Bern Recreation Center at 5:30, a formal presentation begins at 6.