Pamlico County Officials Hear About Impacts of Wind Turbines

Feb 8, 2013

Pamlico county officials and military representatives met last night to discuss proposed wind projects and their impact on Cherry Point. Jared Brumbaugh has more.

The informational meeting included a presentation with diagrams showing the military training areas throughout eastern North Carolina, and their proximity to Pamlico County.  Officials with Marine Corps Installations East explained how wind turbines could pose a hazard for low flying aircraft, and cause radar interference.  Deputy Director of External Relations Dr. Mike Evers believes wind energy projects and the military base can coexisit.

“we’re looking to mitigate these, along with our military training needs it is to establish where can they be, how can we work with them, how can we still train in them around them over them, where ever that may be.”

Members of the Pamlico County planning board will use the information from the meeting to draft a wind energy ordinance.  Jared Brumbaugh, Public Radio East.