New Voter numbers in North Carolina

Oct 4, 2019

Over 1 million new voters could be casting ballots in North Carolina during the next Presidential election. A report from Carolina Demography says there have been 1.1 million voter registration forms filed since November 2016. That includes those turning 18 or gaining citizenship since 2016 and prior residents registering for the first time. And while 285,000 North Carolinians have left, 370,000 have moved in. The new voters are… officially, at least… largely non-partisan. Forty-three percent registered as unaffiliated voters, compared to 29% of prior registrants. Thirty and twenty-six percent registered as Democrats or Republicans, down 9 and 6 points from prior registrants. A majority of new registrants were young … 61 percent were under 30 compared to 29% under 30 registered for the last election.