New Bern adds text-to-911 technololgy

Nov 2, 2015

INTRO – The New Bern Police Department has announced an addition to their 9-1-1 service. George Olsen has more.

A press release from the City of New Bern says anyone within city limits can now access 9-1-1 services via text message through four major US cell phone carriers. Customers with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T can now text 9-1-1 when unable to make a voice call. Authorities say voice calls for 9-1-1 emergencies are preferred over text, but note it improves 9-1-1 accessibility for the disabled and those with hearing difficulties. Police Chief Toussaint Summers Jr. notes New Bern now joins the less-than-10-percent of the nation’s emergency call centers with Text to 9-1-1 technology. Carteret County added the service in September. I’m George Olsen.