Malware Takes Duplin County Computers Offline

Feb 4, 2020


A malware problem has caused Duplin County to take its information technology infrastructure offline, impacting some public services.  The County’s alert system notified IT staff of an increase in suspicious activity Monday morning. The servers were taken offline to avoid any damage from the malware.  it’s not known when the county will be back online.

“We don’t know the extent of damage,” said Elizabeth Stalls, Duplin County Planner and Public Information Officer.  “We have a special team coming in from the state to assist us in doing an assessment so we can see where we need to go from here.  But right now, we’re just in a precautionary mode.”

Stalls said most general administration services are affected adding the county’s financial office is not able to process payments at this time.    Emergency operations are not impacted by the malware problem.