Historical Marker saluting NC National Guard unveils July 22

Jul 17, 2017

Members of the National Guard 4th Squadron, Company D, 3rd NC Infantry along the Mexican border in 1916.
Credit NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

A state Highway Historical Marker will be dedicated Saturday, July 22 to honor the North Carolina National Guard. George Olsen has more.

The Guard’s history dates back to 1663, when King Charles II in the Carolina Charter granted the Lord Proprietors the right to organize men for the defense of the colony. That was the inception of the North Carolina Militia. After the Spanish American War the U-S Congress passed the Militia Act of 1903, bringing all state militias under federal control, giving the President the right to call up members. At that time the North Carolina State Guard became the North Carolina National Guard, with its first encampment from July 22-to-28, 1903 on Bogue Sound west of Morehead City. An historical marker recognizing the National Guard’s service will be dedicated on Arendell Street in Morehead City, between 34th and 35th Streets. I’m George Olsen.