A Havelock Church Serving Meals To The Community

Sep 20, 2018

Credit Jared Brumbaugh

The American Red Cross and the North Carolina Baptist Men are partnering with a church in Havelock to provide hot meals to people who were affected by Hurricane Florence. 

Since Tuesday, Pastor of Cherry Point Baptist Church Steve Epperson says they’ve provided about 500 meals to people in the community, many of whom are still without power and running out of food at home.

“We also take meals down to places where workers are going, where they’re on the line, where they’re building, cutting down trees.”

Epperson says there’s about 35 homes in their community that were destroyed by the storm.  Havelock resident Charles Bailke says he hasn’t been able to buy groceries because stores in the area are running out of food.

“Everybody’s wiped out so it’s a blessing to hear about a free meal.  So I heard about it at 12 o’clock today and I said let’s get ready.”

The meals are served daily at noon and 5 pm at Cherry Point Baptist Church in Havelock.