Early voting is underway

Feb 16, 2020

Early voting for the March primary gets underway Thursday, Feb. 13. The 17-day early voting period runs through Saturday, February 29. During the early voting period, any registered voter can vote at any early voting site in their county. Residents can also register and vote at the same time using same-day registration. During the early voting period voters can update their name and address, but can not switch party affiliation. Thru Saturday, Feb. 15 over 79,000 residents had cast early ballots. About 44% of early ballots cast thru Feb. 15 were cast by registered Democrats, compared to nearly 29% by Republicans and about 27% unaffiliated. Absentee by-mail voting is ongoing, with the deadline to request an absentee ballot for the March primary is February 25. Those requests must be done by mail or in person to their county board of elections. The primary date is March 3. Voters are NOT required to show photo ID for the primary election.