Driving costs lower for North Carolinians in 2013

May 1, 2013

AAA Carolinas reports it will cost North Carolinians less to drive this year than last. George Olsen has more.

A press release from AAA Carolinas says falling gas prices, lower insurance costs and improved fuel economy mean the average state motorist will pay significantly less this year to operate their vehicle than in 2012. It marks the first time in four years that has occurred. AAA says the owner of an average sedan will pay $9632 this year to drive… based on current prices… compared to $10,558 in 2012. Lower gas costs are among the reasons, with gas currently averaging $3.42 versus an average of $3.77 at the same time last year. AAA Carolinas bases their projection of yearly costs on 15,000 miles driven a year. I’m George Olsen.