Brody School of Medicine boasts high percentage of primary care physician graduates

Nov 21, 2014

The Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University is topping the four state medical schools in the number of graduates continuing to practice primary care medicine. George Olsen has more.

A look at the percentage of medical school graduates practicing primary care medicine five years after their 2008 graduation shows 50 percent of Brody School of Medicine graduates were still in primary care. That ranks above the UNC-Chapel Hill med school’s 42 percent, Wake Forest University’s 35 percent and Duke University’s 19 percent. The report presented to the UNC Board of Governors also showed Brody with the highest percentage of graduates remaining  in state with 46 percent. The report did reveal difficulties in getting medical school graduates to practice in rural counties. Of 419 graduates at the four medical schools in 2008, only 16 were practicing in a rural county five years later. Nine of those came from the Brody School of Medicine. I’m George Olsen.