American Red Cross Providing Cleanup Kits To Craven County Residents

Sep 28, 2018

On Friday morning, the American Red Cross was handing out emergency supplies to people at the FEMA disaster recovery center in New Bern.  Linda Ehrsam, a relief worker from Kentucky said they’ve given away 120 cleanup kits each day to residents in New Bern and surrounding areas. 

“We’ve got a tub, and it’s got a tarp in it, a flashlight, bug spray, a big box of contractor garbage bag, and then this is a supply kit that has different items for cleanup like a squeegee, a mop, a broom, there’s bleach in there.”

Ehrsam said two Red Cross trucks are offering cleanup kits, rakes, shovels and water at various locations.

“So if they see a Red Cross vehicle or a big truck and people with disaster vests on, stop by, see what they’re doing, see what they have to give to the community.  Because that’s what we’re here for.”

Current plans are to have supplies available Saturday morning at the former Eckerd Drugstore in New Bern.