29,000 Receive FEMA Housing Assistance Following Florence

Oct 24, 2018

Travel trailers arriving at the FEMA staging area in Kinston on October 18. The temporary housing units offer short-term housing while residents repair their homes.
Credit Liz Roll/FEMA

So far, FEMA has provided more than $100 million dollars in housing assistance to individuals in Eastern North Carolina displaced by Hurricane Florence.  Housing assistance includes lodging expense reimbursement, transitional sheltering assistance for people staying in hotels and direct temporary housing in a travel trailer or manufactured housing unit. Last week, FEMA began providing temporary housing units to 10 counties in Eastern North Carolina.  

“It is a case-by-case basis," said Angela Byrd, media relation specialist with FEMA.  "It usually happens once the house is inspected."

Byrd said individuals will receive notification from FEMA if they are eligible to live in a travel trailer or manufactured housing unit while repairs are being made to their home. About 15 units have been licensed so far.  

"If you have any questions or you receive a denial letter or determination letter and there's some confusion in terms of the process, we do have disaster recovery centers that are available that are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 7pm to help you."