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Howard Jones - PRE Engineer

Howard Jones

Chief Engineer

Howard's broadcast career began in mid 1965 as a cameraman at WCTI-TV12 (then WNBE-TV) in New Bern, and moved into engineering in 1967. The change to Radio came in 1968 at WSFL-FM/ WBIC-AM where he rebuilt the studios in New Bern and built a new transmitter site for WSFL-FM in Trenton, NC.

Howard began work on WTEB-FM at the invitation of Dr. Charles Barker in mid 1982 , where he worked on the tower and transmitter site on the Craven Community College campus, and designed and built the studios in Barker Hall in preparation for the 1984 launch of WTEB on the frequency 89.5 Mhz, at 66 Kw. It soon increased power to 100 Kw (100,000 watts) and changed frequency to the current 89.3 Mhz. Later, Howard helped to build and oversee construction of 4 additional transmitter sites for PRE; WKNS-FM in La Grange, NC., WBJD-FM in Newport, NC., WZNB-FM in New Bern and W210CF repeater in Greenville, NC.

Howard has worked for Public Radio East and Craven Community College for almost 42 years.