In Duplin County, Hurricane Florence is prompting several dozen calls to the Emergency Operations Center reporting damages.  Sustained winds of 36 mph, with gust of over 50 mph. have knocked down several trees and power lines.  Brandon McMahon is with Duplin County Emergency Services.

“We’ve also had a few trees across the road ways, but the fire department and DOT are getting those cleared up for us.”

McMahon says there’s been no reports of flooding so far. About 1,200 people are staying in four shelters across Duplin County.

More than 100,000 people across Eastern North Carolina are without power due to Hurricane Florence. 

Robert Hastings

Swift water rescue teams are continuing to rescue people from their homes in Craven County.  

Widespread power outages are being reported in Carteret County.  As of 1000pm,  all 40,000 Carteret-Craven Electric Cooperative services were without power.  Maximum wind speeds of 75 mph were recorded.  Winds are expected to increase tonight to hurricane strength as Florence moves closer to land.   Emergency Services Director Stephen Rae said they have suspended emergency response until conditions improve.  


Equivalent Cat 1 Hurricane force winds of 70-90 mph with gusts to 110 mph are forecast for Jacksonville, Richlands and Topsail Beach until Saturday morning. More than two feet of rain could fall in those areas, causing extreme flooding.  Storm surge of 9-13 feet along the New River and White Oak River will last through early Sunday afternoon.

Valerie Crowder

Before Craven County ordered residents to evacuate on Tuesday, a Puerto Rican family that survived Hurricane Maria had already decided to leave their New Bern home.

Pitt County Sheriff

Pitt County held a press conference Tuesday morning to discuss Hurricane Florence preparedness and response from multiple organizations.  The meeting included representatives from municipalities in Pitt County, emergency responders, transportation officials, law enforcement and disaster assistance organizations.


Hurricane Florence is predicted to cause widespread, significant storm surge throughout parts of Eastern North Carolina.

Director of the University of North Carolina's Institute of Marine Sciences in Morehead City Rick Luettick helped develop ADCIRC, a computer model for predicting storm surge and flooding.  He estimated as much as 15 feet of storm surge could occur along beaches from Cape Fear to Cape Lookout.

ENC Evacuation Orders Ahead Of Hurricane Florence

Sep 10, 2018

As Hurricane Florence approaches the southeastern U.S., counties in Eastern North Carolina are beginning to issue mandatory evacuation orders. 

Our Montford Point Memories series continues with recollections from 92-year-old Robert S. Hammond.  After enlisting in the Navy in 1943, Mr. Hammond was sent to Hospital Corps School and the U.S. Naval Hospital in Brooklyn, New York.  After completing his training, Hammond became one of the first African American Navy Corpsman sent to Camp Montford Point.

ECU College of Nursing

East Carolina University's Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program recently recieved funding to expand their program to help senoir citizens in 41 North Carolina counties access health care.  The program provides community-based education through health screenings and training for physicians and medical students who specifically treat elderly patients. 

ENC Voters' Voices: Carteret County

Sep 4, 2018
Valerie Crowder

Residents in Eastern North Carolina are less than three months away from casting their ballots in the mid-term elections.  This PRE elections' series spotlights their voices on the issues that matter most to them. In this part, voters in Carteret County express their views on state and local issues. 

East Carolina University

The latest report from East Carolina University's Center for Survey Research reveals higher levels of personal well-being among people who are employed. 

We continue our PRE series, “Montford Point Memories,” honoring the legacy of the first African American Marines who were trained at Camp Montford Point in Jacksonville.  Today, we hear from 93-year-old John R. Thompson who grew up in Kannapolis, North Carolina.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1943 following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The North Carolina Partnership for Children

Gov. Cooper signed an executive order on Wednesday calling for an early childhood action plan to expand young children’s learning opportunities and improve their health outcomes. 

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

A series of dredging projects in Carteret County are taking place in the coming weeks, including work in Bogue Sound. 

ENC Voters' Voices: Craven County

Aug 28, 2018
Valerie Crowder

Residents in Eastern North Carolina are less than three months away from casting their ballots in the mid-term elections.  This PRE elections' series spotlights their voices on the issues that matter most to them. In the first part, voters in Craven County express their views on state and local issues. 

Google Maps

A tricky Craven County intersection along Highway 70 has been reworked by NCDOT.

G. Taylor/National Montford Point Marine Association

Our "Montford Point Memories" series, honoring the legacy of the first African-Americans in the Marine Corps, continues with recollections from 93-year-old Edwin Fizer Jr. 

Ben Casey / The Pamlico News

Fifty seven incarcerated students at Pamlico Correctional Institution were recognized on Thursday for their commitment to the first year of an associate’s degree program that could eventually expand throughout the state’s prisons.

NCDMF Artificial Reef Program

Construction is underway on two new experimental artificial reef sites in Carteret County that will increase fishing opportunities for local anglers.

North Carolina Police Benevolent Association

One current and two former Greenville police officers are suing city councilmember Kandi Smith for interference with their contracts of employment and obstruction of justice.  

PRE honors the legacy of the Montford Point Marines in a new series called Montford Point Memories.  We’ll hear from the brave men who were among the first African-Americans to serve in the Marine Corp. 

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G. Taylor/National Montford Point Marine Association

Last month, the National Montford Point Marine Association held their annual convention in Jacksonville with special events to honor the first African Americans in the Marine Corp.  

Valerie Crowder

Former Vice President Al Gore heard the concerns of Goldsboro residents who live near four coal ash pits, as part of a two-day ecological justice tour that began at Rev. William Barber’s church on Sunday.

NC Artificial Reef Program, NC Division of Marine Fisheries

About $2 million from Coastal Recreational Fishing Licenses will go to enhance artificial reef sites off the North Carolina coast.  


The North Carolina Department of Transportation is collecting comments on a proposal to widen a stretch of Highway 17 in two Eastern North Carolina counties. 

ECU Task Force On Greek Life Prepares To Meet This Week

Aug 7, 2018
East Carolina University

A newly formed task force to address student misconduct in fraternities and sororities at East Carolina University plans to meet for the first time on Wednesday.